For many students and their parents the area of Special Education is vast unknown chasm. Although questions abound, answers, information and informed advice are difficult to find.

Abilities Pathway offer counselling services to help fill this huge void. We can provide answers and information on many aspects of Special Education including:

Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

  • When should one be prepared
  • Its purpose
  • Who should be involved in providing input
  • What should be specified
  • Updating frequency
  • The advantages of a student having an IEP
  • Appropriate Accommodations
  • Ensuring the IEP is followed

Accommodations and Modifications

  • What accommodations are available and which are appropriate for each student
  • What modifications are and the consequences to the student
  • Ensuring the proper remediation is provided to eliminate the modification

Dealing with teachers, schools and school boards

  • Understanding your rights and role as a parent
  • Learn the role of the principal, teacher, SERT and education assistants
  • Obtaining required assistive technology
  • How to properly approach the school
  • When and how to escalate, if necessary

Advantages of a student being Identified

  • Elementary school
  • Secondary School
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Private Schools

Overcoming any stigma of being identified

Course selection – secondary school, college, university

Help for parents with a child with special learning needs