Abilities Pathway focuses on providing professional certified support in two of the areas of education in which many students require academic support and guidance.

 In the area of MATHEMATICS our academy provides help for students from Grades 1 through 12 at the academic (university) and applied (college) levels.


Abilities Pathway also focuses on working with students (especially those with special learning needs), their parents, families, educators, schools, associations and others to effectively work as a team to smooth the bumps on the pathway to success. We enable students and their team to deal with and overcome barriers

which hinder them from fully utilizing all their abilities. Barriers such as: ADHD, Learning Disabilities, High Functioning Autism, etc. Some may see these as disabilities, however at Abilities Pathway we know this is not the case. Abilities Pathways sees the potential in individuals who face these barriers and works to expose the potential in each student. We help student unmask their abilities and rebuild their self-confidence.  Abilities Pathway offers professional academic support and tutoring, counseling, guidance, articles, videos,  academic support, workshops, presentations and public speaking to enable students, parents, families, educators, schools, associations, and service providers to deal with the challenges associated with special learning needs. Our goal is for every student to maximize their abilities and ultimately achieve success.


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Families and Parents

Associations and Service ProvidersAssociations and Service ProvidersStudents